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PROPEL Performance, LLC  offers evidence-based performance improvement programs based on years of research at leading hospitals in the U.S. This highly effective program is based on the latest research in positive psychology (the study of optimal human functioning) and positive organizational development.

Using evidence-based practices and advanced coaching methodologies, hospital executives are able to improve their organizational performance in critical areas of  HCAHPS, patient safety, staff engagement, cost containment and more.

Our services are delivered by certified PROPEL© coaches who have undergone extensive training, successfully completed our internship program and are highly experienced working with multidisciplinary teams.

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The PROPEL© Principles

Our research has identified six essential performance improvements elements that produce high levels of staff success and satisfaction which positively impacts patient care. These six organizational performance strategies, referred to as the PROPEL© Principles, are supported by the latest research in … Continue reading

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