Real Results – Improvement in Major Hospital Performance Indicators

Our multi-tiered approach to performance improvement provides an innovative leadership framework that executives, managers, and top performers can utilize to understand the six PROPEL©  Principles essential for achieving high levels of satisfaction and success. Our studies show that individual performance can only reach higher standards of excellence if the organization’s culture promotes growth from a place of possibility versus constraint, collaboration versus conflict, and positive energy versus disengagement.

In a recent engagement at a major academic medical center, this advanced performance improvement methodology has improved and sustained these major hospital performance indicators:

Total Annual Cost Saving for the Department with 150 FTEs = $816,000

  • HCAHPS scores improved by 43% over two years
  • RN Satisfaction and Engagement improved by 84% and 81%, respectively
  • RN Retention improved by 49%
  • Rand Patient Safety – Teamwork Up 17%, Safety Climate Up 10%, Job Satisfaction Up 19%
  • NDNQI – RN/RN Interaction up 21%, RN/MD Interaction up 14%, Job Enjoyment up 22%
  • RN Call Out/Sick Leave down 75%
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