Full Immersion PROPEL© Coaching

Our Full Immersion PROPEL© Coaching Program develops transformative leadership skills from front line staff to senior leadership and results in cultural transformation and sustained improvement of critical hospital performance indicators. See More

This Full Immersion PROPEL© Coaching Program is delivered in five phases over a 12 month implementation period:
Phase I: Preparation and Analysis
Phase II: Findings and Building the Foundation
Phase III: Instituting Change
Phase IV: Fostering Cultural Transformation
Phase V: Sustaining Cultural Transformation

Because PROPEL© coaches immerse themselves in the organization dramatic changes occur in individual behaviors, at the bedside and at the executive level. They are unscripted, yield genuine collaboration, and personal accountability factors increase exponentially.


“We had a need to transform the work environment and engage and empower staff. Working with a shared decision making model, PROPEL© coaches guided leadership and unit staff in creating a vision of what it would look like to have a strong unit, identified the steps to achieve this goal and reinforced behavior to achieve it. The transformation was astonishing as they applied the principles of positive psychology and the tools to achieve this end.” DON in a major academic medical center

For more information email Linda Roszak Burton at  lburton@propelperformance.com or call 410-707-3118