Our Results

For over 10 years PROPEL Performance has been conducting cutting-edge research in how to create quantum shifts in hospital performance. Our PROPEL© coaching methodology is designed and delivered through our non-linear coaching model which has been proven to improve a team performance by up to 90%.

Improvement in Major Hospital Performance Indicators

In a recent engagement at a major academic medical center, this advanced performance improvement methodology has improved and sustained these major hospital performance indicators:

Total Annual Cost Saving for the Department with 150 FTEs = $816,000

  • HCAHPS scores improved by 43% over two years
  • RN Satisfaction and Engagement improved by 84% and 81%, respectively
  • RN Retention improved by 49%
  • Rand Patient Safety – Teamwork Up 17%, Safety Climate Up 10%, Job Satisfaction Up 19%
  • NDNQI – RN/RN Interaction up 21%, RN/MD Interaction up 14%, Job Enjoyment up 22%
  • RN Call Out/Sick Leave down 75%

Our multi-tiered approach to performance improvement provides an innovative leadership framework that executives, managers, and top performers can utilize to achieve high levels of satisfaction and success. Our studies show that individual performance can only reach higher standards of excellence if the organization’s culture promotes growth from a place of possibility versus constraint, collaboration versus conflict, and positive energy versus disengagement.

For more information email Linda Roszak Burton at  lburton@propelperformance.com or call 410-707-3118