PROPEL© Performance Model

Studies show that individual performance can only reach higher standards of excellence if the organization’s culture promotes growth from a place of possibility versus constraint, collaboration versus conflict, and positive energy versus disengagement.

Our multi-tiered approach using a non-linear coaching methodology provides an innovative leadership framework that executives, managers, and top performers can utilize to understand the six PROPEL© Principles of optimal human functioning, essential for achieving high levels of satisfaction and success.

A Guided Process to Achieve Excellence

  • Map the strategy to meet executive goals and objectives
  • Assess how well your managers are equipped to lead
  • Design and implement an executive coaching program
  • Design and implement a staff engagement coaching program
  • Integrate PROPEL© with existing education, quality and performance programs
  • Define a process for sustained results after the engagement ends


A Proven Method for Performance Improvement


  • Increase leadership capacity to create quantifiable and sustainable results
  • Institute the latest evidence-based leadership practices to incorporate mission driven performance indicators
  • Apply scientific principles to create healthy communication and develop productive partnerships with employees


  • Achieve peak performance through focused staff engagement
  • Utilize evidence-based coaching techniques to enhance employee engagement
  • Employ state of the art performance improvement programs to build and retain a high-performing workforce


  • Experience a proven methodology to help your organization change the culture and achieve desired results
  • Implement current initiatives (not another initiative) using existing metrics/measures already employed in a more effective way
  • Stimulate staff to respond to the rapid acceleration of change ensuring your organization provides superior service and remains highly competitive